Welcome to Home Sweet Homestead! Grab a cup of coffee or glass of sweet tea and join us on our front porch for a visit. I love sharing easy from-scratch recipes, with the occasional giveaway or travel adventure thrown in for good measure.

The woman behind the blog: I'm a dedicated wife and empty-nest mother of five, as well as Mamaw to three adorable grandchildren, (with two more due the summer of 2019!). Now that my husband Joe and I are on our own, we have started traveling more in our RV, and love finding new places to explore.

My Background: I was born and raised in a small southern Indiana town until I was 16, then moved to the windy city of Chicago, Illinois with my mom and sister. Talk about a culture shock! Sadly my mom passed away 18 years later, and I made the move back to my old home town, where I could raise my children in a quieter and safer environment. I'm a small town girl at heart, and even though my husband and I enjoy traveling, I'm always glad to come back home.

Why did I start Home Sweet Homestead?:  I started this blog as a place to save my family's favorite recipes, so my children could find them easily when THEY wanted to make those recipes for their families. The recipes have changed a bit over the years because I've developed some food allergies, but that doesn't mean they are any less delicious! 

Where did I learn to cook? My love of cooking came from my mother. Even though she raised a large garden and worked part time, she made sure we had a home cooked supper to enjoy every night. It was always a family affair, with no TV playing in the background. Just good conversation and lots of delicious food. Helping her in the kitchen, as well as reading lots of cookbooks growing up, gave me the cooking skills I have today. It must of worked, because according to my husband and children I'm a pretty good cook! ;)

*I've developed quite a few food allergies over the last couple of years, and my recipes now reflect that by being allergy friendly. Most of my older recipes are not allergy friendly.

My photos: As you can tell from the pictures on my blog I'm no photographer! I have gotten slightly better at styling the food since I started blogging, but things like lighting and editing elude me. 

Thanks for visiting!

Joe & April